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What is Sabbatical?

As we are here in Barcelona, wrapping up our sabbatical year (well…it’s not technically over until August), one thing I realized that many people may not know is what a sabbatical is.  There are many common misconceptions about sabbaticals, so I figured I could share a bit about this often misunderstood academic tradition and answer…

Our Family Trip to London Fall Family Adventure

Back in November, we had the opportunity to go to London as a family.  I have always DREAMED of visiting London and it did not disappoint!  We had a marvelous time exploring parks, museums, tourist sights, and enjoying delicious food as well!  We spent 6 days in London, one of them was devoted to a…

Denmark: Part 2 Our Family Ancestry Tour

Back in late October and early November, my family took a trip to Denmark for about two weeks.  I shared a little bit about the first part of our trip here, where we spent time exploring Copenhagen for a week.  We loved all of the charm of Copenhagen, particularly walking around the city and visiting…

Barcelona Baby!

We’ve been in Barcelona for two months!  It’s kind of hard to believe.  Some days, it feels like time has gone by very quickly.  Other days, it feels so slow.  You know the saying, “The days are long but the years are short”? That’s what it feels like.  I have so many things I could write…

The Final Days

I am fast approaching my due date for Baby W #2 and it is kind of hard to believe!  This pregnancy has flown by.  With all the travel we did this summer and an insanely busy fall wedding and senior season, it’s almost like this little peanut’s arrival has snuck up on me.  I’ve wrapped…


Welcome to the Blog! 

Thanks for stopping by!  This blog is where I share my most recent weddings and photoshoots, but also a few bits about daily life, travel, business, editing, and more.  Take a look around and enjoy!



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